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Listing on SSE

A public listing offers greater opportunities for access to capital markets and investments. Importantly, a public list or initial public offering (IPO) provides firms with the opportunity to make shares of a company liquid, thereby paying dividends to shareholders. Many investors invest only in listed companies, simply due to the fact that listed companies are subject to stricter requirements and greater scrutiny. For potential investors, this inspires greater confidence when investing in listed shares.

With offices in large commercial Somali cities such as Garowe, Bosaso, Hargeisa and Mogadishu, the Somali Stock Exchange (SSE) is the only exchange that can meet the needs of investor and firms from diverse sectors.

The SSE is an intelligent option for SME’s and large companies that seek access to growing capital markets in East Africa. The SSE also caters to blue chip firms and large companies which do not satisfy the listing requirements or do not wish to be listed publically on a regulated market.

Established companies, SME’s, start-up companies and issuers of equity certificates can be listed on the SSE.  The admission requirements to the SSE are less comprehensive or cumbersome than the requirements of exchanges abroad with a relatively swift and efficient admission processes.

Benefits of Listing

  • Improve your capital raising capabilities which can be used for sustained growth or to fund acquisitions or investments in key sectors.
  • Attract skilled professionals and investors from the extensive Somali Diaspora and international investors who are easily able to trade in SSE-listed shares without any restrictions.
  • Market your business to investors with the assistance of our Business Development Team.
  • Enhance relations with key stakeholders such as banks, foreign investors and industry leaders.
  • A market valuation of the company
  • An assurance quality stamp of approval – which can be valuable when seeking new sources of investment, new customers or skilled employees.
  • Access to the member firms that trade on the SSE.
  • Detailed market surveillance and active monitoring of the company
  • Publishing annual reports and half-yearly interim reports, combining two quarters at a time.
  • Ensuring equity in the treatment of shareholders.

Whether you’re getting ready to list your first start-up or entering the Somali market for the first time as a multi-national company, we have the skilled staff, the expertise and the ability to support your diverse needs, in order to execute a perfect IPO.

When you list on the Somali Stock Exchange, this landmark decision will pay dividends in terms of your company’s future achievement with access to the entire Horn of Africa markets to, connect with the large Diaspora and local capital investors, shareholders and partners.

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