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Individual Members

The Somali Stock Exchange (SSE) aims to be the premier exchange in the Horn of Africa and the East Africa which best serves its members, stakeholders and partners. The SSE is dedicated to making financial markets in Somalia run more efficiently in order to help our members achieve their business and investment needs, within the framework of an accredited and innovative stock exchange. The SSE offers four types of membership:

  1. Individual
  2. Corporate
  3. Issuer
  4. *Advisor membership

Individual membership is designed for investors and traders in financial markets.

To become an investor, an individual (or institution) must select a chosen broker/trader and then the designated broker/trader must thereafter open an account.

​A stockbroker is an appointed agent who is authorized to execute, buy or sell stock or options on behalf of an investor’s account. Investors can consist of all types of companies (including FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies) as well as individual investors.  

When selecting a suitable broker to represent your interests as an investor, you should confirm the broker's status through the SSE website

The SSE also recommends investors meet with the chosen stockbroker trading house or company in order to determine whether the services they offer match your company’s specific needs. Stockbrokers and designated traders have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients which implies sound management and confidentiality.​​ ​

Some of the benefits of Individual Membership are:

  • Access to propriety market data
  • A suit of financial markets training courses
  • Trading software access from leading financial services vendors

Financial news alerts regarding earnings results, company announcements and global share prices.

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*Advisors (nominated advisors) typically consist of stockbrokers, public relations firms and corporate law firms as well as audit and accounting companies. These groups of firms generally have the license to advise our individual and corporate clients.